Knut Bar is a restaurant and bar in central Stockholm. In a layed back atmosphere, guests can enjoy northern Swedish cusisine with a Stockholm twist.

Den 14/2 har vi extra öppet för en alla hjärtansdag brunch

Brunch Time!

On Saturday between 11:30 – 15:30 we serve our brunch, it is being served as a buffet at the table.
An example of our selection is scrambled egg, bacon, smoothie, flatbread wrap, fruit, scones and sausage with jalapeno and cheddar. We finish our brunch off with dessert, pancake, cloudberry tosca cake, vanilla pannacotta and homemade jam with whipped cream.

245:- /pps
Kids: 0 – 2y free
2 – 12 years +10:- per year


Seared Char
with pickled trout roe, clementine, remoulad emulsion and toasted brioche

“Blodpudding” on Reindeer
with apple jam, onion, lingonberies, smoked minced bacon meat
and marjoram

Plate from the North
Suovas, moose sausage, deer inner thigh, venison heart och Linus cheese and a chutney

Grilled Scorzonera
herb baked with crumble on caper, thyme, apple jam and cabbage


Minced Moose Steak
with potatoes puree, peas, brown butter sauce and lingonberries

Salted Cod
with Jerusalem artichokecream, dill pesto, fried mussle and roasted endive

with shallot cream, mushroom, celeriac, Brussles sprout, star anise gravy and fried scorzonera

Baked Pork Cheek
with mustard stewed rosette cabbage, pickled mustard seeds, almond potato crisps and almond

Grilled Endive
with orange, Jerusalem artichoke cream, buttered mushroom broth and pickled raddish


filled with chocolatcream, lingonberry sugar, salted caramel ice cream and chocolate crisp

ask your waiter if you want to know today’s flavour

Cheeses from the North
with a marmalade

Lingonberries Sorbet
with dried lingonberries

Almond Cake
with apple sorbet, almond and apple crunch

Knuts Dosa
with white chocolate mousse, raspberry curd and roasted chocolate powder
med vitchokladmousse, halloncurd och rostat chokladpulver

Flatbread pizza

Northern Swedish style pizza baked with our own flatbread. Each pizza is served with
chanterelle mayo, lingonberry ketchup and a seasonal salad.

Torne Älv
Gratinated with Västerbotten cheese, finished with cold smoked salmon, spinach, trout roe, pickled onion och lemon creme

Gratinated with Västerbotten cheese finished with Baked pumpkin, kale and orange pesto, roasted hazelnuts, goat’s cheese and deep-fried kale

TRYFFEL svinet
Gratinated with smoked pork belly and Västerbotten cheese finished with red onion, Jerusalem artichoke crisp, apple and truffle creme

Gratinated with Västerbotten cheese, smoked moose, marinated mushroom, lingonberries, blue cheese och fried celeriac


We serve lunch Monday – Friday from 11.00 – 14.00.
We always have a vegetarian, fish, meat and a flatbread option that changes weekly.

Kåtan store offers housemade specialities and delicacies from Norrland to eat in or take out. Our dishes are made entirely from Norrland sourced ingredients with proper flavours - meat or vegetarian options available of course. We believe eating a delicious northern meal should be just that easy.

Kåtan håller stängt, se gärna vår frukostmeny nedan då vi tar förbeställning av frukost både för avhämtning och för bokning av vår chambre separée. Maila gärna till oss på


Egg sandwich 39:-

Green Smoothie 35:-

Orange Juice 30:-

Coffee or tea 30:-

Fjäll sour milk, granola and berries 35:-

Hard boiled egg & caviar 14:-

Flatbread wraps: Salad and Västerbotten cheese 39:-

Generous fillings and home baked bread

Flatbread wraps: Alder smoked pork loin & Västerbotten cheese 39:-

Generous fillings and home baked bread


Venison stew 119:-

Served with mushrooms, potato purée & lingonberries, topped with parsley and fried onion

Salad: Salmon & rosemary mayonnaise 110:-

Lettuce mix, black rice, kale, beluga lentils, yellow beetroot, pickled onion and fermented cabbage.

Salad: Chicken thigh & lingonberry hummus 110:-

Lettuce mix, black rice, kale, beluga lentils, yellow beetroot, pickled onion and fermented cabbage.

Salad: Roasted cauliflower & lingonberry hummus 105:-

Lettuce mix, black rice, kale, beluga lentils, yellow beetroot, pickled onion and fermented cabbage.

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